Tired of visiting iTunes Connect on your iPhone?

Actually, every developer who sells apps on iTunes does the same every day, right? Log in to iTunes Connect, check if there's a new report available and in case there is, look if the own apps have been sold well. How many downloads? How much did I earn? Nice. But we're not always at the Mac. There's not always a big screen which is capable of showing iTunes Connect Sales and Trends data pleasantly. On our iPhones we're obliged to zoom and move the page around. Not nice. Sometimes we even try to check the reports while walking, almost impossible!

Got the point? Fine. Say hello to Cheera!

Earnings View

Your earnings - displayed beautiful

Cheera helps you to see how your earnings come about. You can exactly see the revenue of each product and your overall earnings in detail.

Let Cheera do all the work

It starts at the moment you tap on Cheera's icon: It automatically looks for the latest available report. If you want Cheera to download the latest report manually, use pull-to-refresh.

You can let Cheera even remind you to look for new reports. It will calculate the perfect time for the notification based on your habits.

Don't want to see your earnings in USD? No problem at all. Cheera can automatically convert your earnings to your preferred currency, just pick one of 55 in the settings.

All your accounts in one app

Oh, you'd like to keep an eye on the sales of multiple accounts? Cheera can handle it. Just set up all your accounts in the settings. If you like to switch the account, just tap and hold on the account name and select the one you want.

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