A simple overview of your lent and borrowed things.

Bolento isn't yet ready, but you can already take a look at its features.


Thanks to its gestures, Bolento is really easy and fun to use. To archive an item, just swipe to the right and you're done. It's really simple. But we didn't stop there. We implemented lots of gestures you will be discovering by using Bolento on your iPhone.


When building Bolento, sync was really important for us. To deliver the best user experience, we implemented iCloud and Dropbox. You can sync your items across multiple iPhones and soon also other devices.


Did you ever forget to bring something back to a friend? Well, everybody does that almost everyday. But with Bolento you'll never forget to do that.


We are a two man show.

We created Bolento because we wanted this kind of app to exist. In mid 2013 we had this idea, created the first mockups and we both quite liked it. After some designs, we found the direction which we wanted to follow. Florian began coding, Din continued designing and it grew from a little side project to an actual app which will be on the App Store soon.

Din Bisevac

Design & Concept



Florian Schliep




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